CIGNA's 24-Hour Health Information Line: 

Have you ever had a situation where you had a health related question and didn’t know where to go for a quick answer? Maybe it’s the middle of the night or you are traveling out of town and have a medical issue.  As a Welfare Fund participant, you have 24-hour access to health information by phone, toll free, every day, from anywhere.

When you call the CIGNA health information line, you will have the opportunity to speak confidentially with a registered nurse. The nurse will ask you some questions and then provide you with helpful information or, if you are experiencing symptoms of an illness or have an injury, help you decide on the most appropriate medical care. If you are away from home, the nurse can also help you locate nearby doctors, health care facilities and pharmacies.

You may call the health information line when you have a condition that requires immediate attention, need information on when and where to seek medical treatment, need help with questions to ask your doctor, or even if you just want information about treatment options or plain language explanations for treatment plans and medical terms.

Included with this newsletter is a brochure from CIGNA for the Health Information Line, a magnet for your refrigerator with the phone number, and a directory of pre-taped topics from CIGNA’s Health Information Library. REMEMBER that if you ever need the Health Information Line, you can access the service by calling the number on your CIGNA Healthcare ID card.




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